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Hair and hair extension fixing method

The fashion industry has never embraced "additional hair" like it does now. It seems that almost all hairstylists add hair to modify their appearance, just like they would use any other excellent decorations. If you are interested in using hair extensions or wigs to base your hairstyle, then learning about various fixing methods is a good starting point. 

When manufacturers determine how the wig or hair extension will be connected, they will consider how it will affect and modify the final look of the hairstyle. Although some are very simple to use, others require more skills and practice.

Pressure sensitive clip:

Small metal clips that bend in one direction to open and bend in the other direction are called pressure-sensitive clips. This fixing method can be found in most types of hair extensions or wigs. They are small, light and easy to install. To apply, simply slide the "tooth side" of the clip into the hair and press the outer edge until you hear or feel a small "snap" indicating that the clip is closed and fixed to the hair.

Interlocking comb:


These are two straight combs designed to be fixed to the hair by locking them together. Combs are most often used in ponytails or comb-like wigs. They slide under existing ponytails or hair buns, lock them together, and then lay flat and flush with the head to form a natural contour.

Straight comb:

The straight comb attachment has a row of "teeth" that can easily slide into the hair. They are most often used in combination with auxiliary connection methods. For example, some wigs, semi-wigs and wigs will use straight combs and pressure-sensitive clips at the same time to properly fix the wigs. To use a straight hair comb, first create a bun, ponytail or tease part in the hair. Then, slide the comb between the attachment and the head. Some people like to add some hairpins around the accessories to improve safety.

Hair care:

Hair wraps are hair attached to elastic bands. You can use a hair band around a ponytail or hair bun that has been fixed with a ponytail holder in advance, or you can wear it by itself. The hair wrap is easy to use and can be quickly and easily groomed or tied into a ponytail. Some people like to add some hair clips to help fix the hair strands, especially when adding hair strands to hairstyles for special occasions.


Drawstring attachments are most commonly found in ponytails and bun hairstyles. When using an adjustable and flexible drawstring for tension training, it becomes tighter and safer around the hair. Straps are most often used in combination with other attachment methods, such as straight combs or pressure sensitive clips. To apply, first use a straightening comb or pressure sensitive clip to position the hair, and then gently pull the strap until the hair is firmly fixed. To hide the drawstring, you just need to tuck it under the hairstyle and add a hairpin if necessary. This technique may require some guidance and practice to perfect.


Claw clamps (also commonly called jaws or butterfly clamps) are two rows of "teeth" or combs that are held in place by springs. They are easy to operate and are very common in ponytail and upper swing styles. To apply a claw clip, you first create a ponytail, bun, or mocking part on your hair, and then just squeeze the clips together to open the comb, put it on the existing hair and loosen it.


These techniques use hair wefts designed to be fixed using weaving and weaving techniques or stretch glue. Weaving involves first creating a series of braids or "corn rows" in the hair, and then using needles and threads to secure individual wefts to the braids. Bonding involves creating a clean section on the hair, styling the weft yarns to fit the part, and then using a special hair extension gel to secure the weft yarns. Both techniques need to be carefully removed. Weaving and bonding are advanced techniques and require skills and training.


The braid attachment is distributed and designed to be integrated into natural hair using braiding techniques. Weaving hair can be used as a method of "knotting" and thickening wide braids, fishtails, upward braids as well as braids, micro braids or corn rows. Weaving involves first creating parts in natural hair and then starting the three-strand braiding. When creating braids, loose hair is integrated into a thicker and longer braid compared to a braid obtained using only natural hair. Weaving is an advanced technique that requires skill and training.

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Find your wig size

Although average-sized wigs usually suit about 95% of customers, you will find that quite a few wigs also use small, large wigs. Consider that many belts also have adjustable straps with a maximum length of 1.5 inches, so you can wear them comfortably. 

To determine the wig size that suits you, measure your head circumference from the front hairline, behind the ears, neck, the other ear and then back to the front hairline. Write down your measurements, then refer to the table below. Please note that the size may vary slightly depending on the brand, and not all wigs are suitable for all hat sizes.
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